Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let them eat cake! (Hint: This is a GIVEAWAY)

 couple months ago I was honored to be among a group of bloggers invited to a pre-opening event at the newly renovated and expanded Winston-Salem Ronald McDonald House. (I wrote about it here.)

Laura Walsh, our lovely host, and Watson, the house's blogger/pet in residence, got in touch with me about a program they've got going this holiday season. For just $5, you can buy a book of 20 coupons for a free square of Dewey's cake. AND, 100% of the proceeds go to RMH. That's a great reason to eat cake, am I right?

What's more, Laura sent me FIVE COUPON BOOKS to give away!

Unfortunately Dewey's is a local institution (with three locations, FYI), so anyone can enter to win one of the books, but you'll have to come to Winston-Salem to redeem your coupons. International winners welcome (airfare not included).


Leave a comment to enter, and I'll pick the five winners using on Friday, December 10.

These would make great stocking stuffers (once you're done stuffing yourself with Dewey's cake, of course), so please consider purchasing a book to benefit the house.


SV said...

So I open up my RMH Newsletter and as I'm reading about all the bloggers who are blogging about the new expansion I see a familiar face among the!

As you may know I've tried in some way, shape or form to raise money every year for the RMH, I think you bought a shirt from me one year, anywho the RMH is a great cause and I support anyone who supports them, so I'm going to eat some cake now!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in! Sara Langdon

Nancy said...

Brilliant! Maybe I can get one over here at Fierce Beagle! Bloggers unite over cake squares!

Jessica said...

Yay! Great giveaway! I LOVE Dewey's Bakery!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have some yummy cake from Dewey's!!! One of my favorites!
Bridget Boyles

Nicole Branshaw said...

Dewey's cake squares are the best and who doesn't like cake!!??!! :-)

Shannon said...

Woo-hoo - cake! Who doesn't love cake? Would love to try some Deweys cake :)

Katy said...

Yummy, yummy! This baby on the way just LOVES Dewey's cake - chocolate on chocolate! Go figure, typical girl! :-)

Anonymous said...

RMH is a great organization that helps so many families! To borrow Marlo Thomas' (St. Jude spokesperson) words and change just a couple, "If you have a healthy child hug them, if not, give to the RMH." Good luck!
Pam Mueller